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AB Controls is constantly looking for new ways that we can make the job easier for electricians and HVAC professionals so we are regularly bringing out new sensors and controllers to suit your needs. Please check out our new range of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) car park sensors and controllers and our new ABC FC4 fast fit DIN mount car park fan switching module. As well as our new fast fit DIN mount control modules for auto/off/man with run fail lamps, lamp test, alarm control and high signal select. We are now working with Global Control Solutions (GCS) to bring you a building automation system that connects to our range of Senva sensors - allowing us to bring you a total system that is available through our current distributor network. For more information and details please contact us. AB Controls can cater to the specific needs of our Australian builders with the constantly expanding FR3 and CS1 series of fan control units. An alternative option for simple applications is the ABC QT1 delay off timer. Please look up the relevant tab for details of how these units fit your requirements and call us if you need something more specific. AB Controls is committed to bringing high quality sensors and controls to the building industry that comply with all Australian Standards. To see details of all our sensors please click on the relevant tab 
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